My calendars will support editing your own custom events via Word Document
Published on April 22, 2008 By VistArtXPosed In Personal Computing

Got birthdays, anniverseries, business meetings, appointments, and the like? We all like to write down events on our calendars, but the problem is that my new 2009 calendar's dates don't have any room to write any events down. That's why i'm adding a new "Events Bar" on the bottom of the calendar. Up to three custom events can be edited via Word Document.

I'm also adding new orange tiles for days 1-31, so it'll be easy to spot what day an important event is on. I pre-made WordArt messages on the bottom that say "Insert Event Here". All you have to do is right-click the WordArt and select "Edit Text" and type in whatever you want.

Orange Tiles on the top-left can be changed to open the specific date tile. For example, Event 1 will have a picture of an orange "1". If a special event is on say, the 14th, then right-click the orange "1" tile, select "Change Image", then find the orange 14 tile. It should be called "14th Event.PNG".

I am going to create an entire sample suite.

The complete sample suite will contain:

  • January 2009 PNG Image
  • January 2009 JPEG Image
  • Both .docx and .doc source documents
  • Over 100 custom-made graphics used to create this calendar

This suite will give users complete control over the calendar's design. Feel free to customize it to your specifications. My calendar will be posted in the "Graphics" category, when it's finished.

My calendar is still a work in progress. The goal of this calendar is to stand out from all others, and for it to be customizable for print.

I also might create some other calendar "skins" before moving on to February's, when I have time.

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